This package brings together CERN high performance scientific computing library named Colt and Oracle Essbase CDF. Featuring the MersenneTwister64 pseudo-random number generator provides uniform random numbers along many distributions included.

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Welcome to GitHub Pages.

This Essbase random number generator is the easiest way to create beautiful and crazy graphs for your Essbase or Hyperion Planning application. This packages uses the Mersenne Twister Psuedorandom number generator, and Oracle Essbase custom-defined functions CDF. There are many distribution functions to choose from. After your generator is initialized with a seed, you can run get-next functions to get the next random number of of that distribution locally. The beauty of this is providing uniformly random numbers from a selected distribution.

Java Custom-Defined Functions for Essbase

We’ve crafted some handsome example registration maxl templates for you to use. Go ahead and use Essbase Administration Services to register them to any application.database you require. You can easily register the functions for specific databases or the entire server. After registering your random functions, you can restart the Essbase server and the functions will be available for use.

Essbase Calculation Scripts

We’ve crafted some handsome scripts for you to use. Once, registered they can be used from withing Calculation Manager. Go ahead and click 'View on Github' to browse through them. You can easily download and edit your scripts to match your outline before publishing. After running the script, save the random generator seed and switch to another scenario. Your Random content will be preserved and can be recreated using the seed.

Essbase Outline File

A fully working demo package is in progress. For now, have fun with the code and the essbase calc scripts.

Authors and Contributors

You can contact @dhagell on GitHub to contribute addition examples. We welcome all contributions and commentary. In 2001, Donald Hagell (@dhagell), founded Astir Technologies.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with compiling or registering the functions? Check out our documentation or contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.